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A tutorial by the staff of TechTarget SearchBusinessIntelligence

Excerpt: Over the past few years, the open source technology Apache Hadoop has become quite popular amongst BI and DW professionals. But it continues to appear as unknown jargon word for many. In this tutorial, we will explain the concept by answering the frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Hadoop.

Read more: http://searchbusinessintelligence.techtarget.in/tutorial/Apache-Hadoop-FAQ-for-BI-professionals

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Corrupted router data stopped many websites functioning.

Its time for smart engineers to explore the online class creating software.


Considering that Google’s (s GOOG) Director of Research Peter Norvig and Google X founder Sebastian Thrun co-taught one of the massive online Stanford classes that gave momentum to the recent surge in online learning, it’s probably not surprising that the search giant itself is now staking out a spot in education’s latest frontier.

After running its own online course, Power Searching with Google, the company is releasing the technology it used to offer the class as open-source Course Builder software.

In a blog post, Norvig said:

The Course Builder open source project is an experimental early step for us in the world of online education. It is a snapshot of an approach we found useful and an indication of our future direction. We hope to continue development along these lines, but we wanted to make this limited code base available now, to see what early adopters will…

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Will facebook social search engine beat the big daddy of search engines ‘Google’?


During an interview at the Disrupt conference on Tuesday — the first since Facebook’s (s fb) underwhelming IPO and subsequent stock slide — co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked a lot about the social network’s strategy in a number of areas, including a defence of the company’s approach to mobile and an explanation of why the company moved away from HTML5 for its apps. But while those comments were interesting, I thought the most revealing part of the interview came when Zuckerberg talked about search. Although he didn’t go into a lot of detail, it was clearly intended as a shot across Google’s (s goog) bow: the underlying message was that Facebook is going to do social search, and soon — and it already has most of the ingredients necessary to mount a significant challenge to the search giant.

In response to a question from TechCrunch (s aol) founder…

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